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Graphic Designing training in Kharar at Designsvisions. Graphic designing is a highly valued skill in many industries and is considered to be an in-demand profession. With the growing importance of digital media, graphic designing has become an increasingly important aspect of marketing, branding, and advertising, making it a field with good job prospects for those after completing the Graphic Designing training in Kharar.

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₹2,00,000 P.A To ₹10,00,000 P.A

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Wide breadth of Graphic Designing , mobile app development, web development and IT consulting services across the entire IT spectrum.

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Curriculum of Our Graphic Design Training in Designsvisions

Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to latest trends and industry standards!

All about the welcome screen, Move and Artboard tool
Brush tool
Clone stamp tool
Content-aware fill
Blur, Sharpen, Smudge tool
Black and White Color
Vector Shapes, Vector smart
object & Raster smart object
Gradient and Patterns
How to make layer styles
Useful websites
Face aware liquify
Align layers
Stroke on path
Fill layers
How to save files and export jpeg/png
Color channels and differences between RGB & CMYK
Sharpen an image
All about layer panel
Crop tool
Healing tool
Eraser tool
Layer Mask
History Panel and History Brush
Clipping mask, Dodge, Burn and Sponge tool
Blending options/layer styles and making seamless texture
Vanishing point filter and blend
Perspective warp
Puppet warp
Remove matte from layer
Vector mask
How to extract hair with select and mask
Change color of any object

Convert day scene to night
Make your own lookup tables
Make professional actions
Design poster
Portrait development and skin retouch
Double exposures
Alpha channel in photoshop
Colorize black and white portrait
Photo filter and channel mixer
Selective color adjustments
Shortcuts in photoshop
Gradient map
Custom brushes
Play actions on 100s of images
How to blur background
Shadows in photoshop
Color balance to match the tone of images
Quick mask mode
Select tree using channels
Gradient map
Layer comps

About the welcome screen & Selection tool
Direct selection tool, pen tool, and Guides/rulers
Line segment, Arc, Spiral, Polar Grid, Rectangular Grid tool
Rotate Tool and shape builder Tool
Scale, Shear, Reshape, and Free Transform Tool
Resizing and Slicing Artboards
Type Tool with examples
How to save files and export jpeg/png
Vector vs. Raster
Pen tool and All about Layer Panel
All about fill and stroke
Shape tool, Gradient Artboard Tool and setting
Pathfinder and make icons & Appearance panel
Color theory
How to download and install different free fonts?
Custom brushes

Mesh tool
Use of blend tool and actions
Perspective tool
Perspective tool
Image tracing and Live Paint
Create flat design
Vector art
1D/2D/3D perspective Buildings
Vector vs. Raster
Pen tool and All about Layer Panel
All about fill and stroke
Shape tool, Gradient Artboard Tool and setting
Pathfinder and make icons & Appearance panel
Color theory
How to download and install different free fonts?
Custom brushes

Introduction to CorelDRAW
Pick tool transformation
Drawing tools and properties
Freehand, Point, bezier and pen tool
Text tool
Envelope tool
Artistic, Media, Live sketch, and Smart Drawing
Certificate Print and Merge
User Interface (UI) Design
Background patterns
Group, align, order, and zoom
Weld, Trim, and Intersect
Shadow and Transparency
Contour tool
Text masking and Clipart

Skill-Up Stories

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Offline Training Reviews

Hi. My name is Swaran. I had recently completed my graphic design online training from Designsvisions, Kharar, and I had very good experience with this IT company. Mr. Barun Sir is my mentor for this course. After doing training with this company, I got a job as a graphic designer at Akruti Creations (Bangalore). I want to say that if anyone is looking to do training in this course, please visit Designsvisions once and take a demo class.

Swaran Singh / Graphic Designer

Very happy with the graphic design training at Designsvisions! It's perfect for beginners like me, providing a solid foundation in design principles and software tools.

Dhian singh / Graphic Designer

Best Graphic designing, Web designing training company. Totally Practical work, silent environment, highly educated faculty, practice on live projects.

Aar Jay / Graphic Designer

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After completion of Graphic Designing training, the companies offer the below roles:
Graphic designer
UI designer
UX designer
Multimedia designer

Anyone with a creative spark and a willingness to learn is welcome here! We don't care about age, background, or whether you've ever designed a anything before.
We'll teach you everything you need to know to create amazing Designs.

Yes you can, Our course starts with the basics, building your skills step-by-step without overwhelming you with complex coding.

Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance after the Graphic designing training completion.
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